Academy of Fab Stuff Visits Gainsborough's Scotter Ward

Scotter Ward at John Coupland Hospital, Gainsborough, recently played host to Dr Terri Porrett from the Academt of Fabulous NHS Stuff. Visiting the ward, as part of her national hospital roadshow, gave Dr Porrett the opportunity to see the unrelenting hardwork and commitment the team shows in improving patient care. 

The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff is a platform for NHS staff to share ideas, inspiration and stories of going above and beyond. As part of the roadshow Dr Porrett and founder Roy Lilley regularly visit hospitals to speak to staff and witness the wonderful work going on in hospital wards around the country. 

Donna Phillips, Clinical Nurse Educator at Scotter Ward, for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), came to the attention of Dr Porrett through social media and is now an Academy ambassador. Fab Ambassadors are enthusiasts who use social media to help and encourage colleagues to share the positive work they are doing.

Dr Porrett said: "Through Twitter, I noticed Donna sharing stories of the ward's fundraising activities, as well as the other touches they've introduces, such as home made bereavement cards. This touched me and I knew that the ward was special.

"Donna has the challenges that all ward managers face, but she continues to strive to inspire her staff and is a true leader. She is someone who goes the extra mile every day because she doesn't consider it to be the extra mile; it's the norm. Donna leads a team who callenge each other, are unite and completely focused on improving the quality of care for their patients."

During her visit, Dr Porrett, along with her Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog Alfie, took part in a seated exercise class and enjoyed an afternoon tea, which gave her the chance to talk to patients and relatives about their experiences on the ward. 

Among them, Dr Porrett met Frederick Powell who spent several weeks receiving care on Scotter Ward and continues to visit at least once a week to catch up with staff. He said: "The staff are so wonderful. I can't express what they did for me. Nothing is too much for them." 


John Mountcastle and John Shuttleworth, who are currently outpatients on the ward, loved meeting Dr Porrett and Alfie. They said: "It's brilliant that Terri brought Alfie along to the ward. He was cuddly and friendly and so well behaved. He cheered us up no end and it was so good for morale. We can't wait for him to come back if possible."

 Dr Porrett added: "Visiting hospitals, such as Scotter, allows me to meet the people behind the computer screen, and witnes first hand the work they do.

"Today was also a good opportunity to speak to patients and hear the positive stories they have about staying on the ward. The response to Alfie was brilliant and he was the star of the show. Watching patients, particularly those with dementia, interact with Alfie and become more animated was wonderful to see". 

As part of her role as a Fab Ambassador Donna Phillips will be attending the Fab NHS Awards in November representing LCHS.