Anticoagulation Service

Anticoagulation therapy in Lincolnshire are delivered as a 'One Stop Service'.

The 'One Stop Service'

A 'one stop service' means that people who provide the service will test and make any alterations in one visit delivering a standard service throughout the county

 Full Anticoagulation Service Provider List

 Anticoagulation Leaflet

LCHS Anticoagulation Service

This is a high quality 'one stop shop' including monitoring, initiation and education for patients requiring short & long term anticoagulation therapy.  The service is provided at various clinic locations throughout Lincolnshire.  A domiciliary service is available for the housebound.   

How to access the service

 Telephone: 01522 530 336

Ravendale Health Clinic, Lincoln

 The service is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  Appointments for new patients are offered within 7 days.