Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of exercise

  • Participation in cardiac rehabilitation classes has been proven to decrease the risk of a further event by up to 29% (SIGN guidelines)
  • Can reduce angina
  • Reduces risk in developing diabetes
  • Can help reduce your cholesterol
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Helps control blood sugars
  • Aids weight control along with sensible eating
  • Psychological well-being reducing stress and can help you relax
  • The heart becomes stronger as does the respiratory system
  • Increased demand on the muscles through exercise causes them to become more efficient and therefore need less oxygen
  • Can help you resume your social and vocational activities

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III Exercise Programmes

Suitable patients will be assessed and invited to attend a programme within their area, see below for details.

 Various Programmes - Trentside, John Coupland Hospital.pdf

 Twelve Week Low Intensity Programme - Burgh Le Marsh.pdf

 Six Week Moderate Intensity Programme - Burgh Le Marsh.pdf

 Twelve Week Low Intensity Programme - Louth Hospital.pdf

 Six Week Moderate Intensity Programme - Louth Hospital.pdf

Area Map

 Area Map.pdf