Cardiac Rehabilitation Group Receives Some Pedal Power From Ping

Specialist cardiac nurses and therapists in Gainsborough have been presented with a new bike to help enhance their exercise and education sessions.

The exercise bike has been donated by Ping from the proceeds of its annual charity golf day after the cardiac rehabilitation group was nominated as a worthy cause by former patient Steve Waring.

Steve (47), of Gainsborough, completed a six-week programme of cardiac rehabilitation with the team from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) at John Coupland Hospital following a heart attack.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service provides a comprehensive programme of exercise and education on a range of topics to support patients back to everyday life after a heart attack, heart surgery or procedure.

Steve said: "I was keen to try some different exercises in the rehabilitation sessions and thought the group could benefit from a new bike. I used to work for Ping and know they are very good at supporting local causes. My wife also works there so she approached Ping to ask if there was anything they could do to help.

"The cardiac rehabilitation programme was a big part of my recovery, particularly the education sessions which gave me the knowledge I needed to keep well."

Karen Duff, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist for LCHS, said: "This donation was made to us through the Gainsborough Cardiac Support Group and I would like to thank Ping on behalf of both organisations for their support. Exercise can be daunting for someone recovering from a heart condition and our sessions are an important part of the rehabilitation programme to help give them confidence to safely return to their everyday lives."

John Clark, Managing Director of Ping Europe, said: "The Gainsborough Cardiac Support Group were chosen as one of our supporting charities in 2013 and Ping is delighted to donate this fitness bike to support their wonderful efforts to serve their community.

"The Ping Golf Charity Day, which raised £10,000 in 2013, will continue for many years in support of our local community. Other charities supported by Ping in 2013 were Lives, Gainsborough House, Homestart and Gainsborough Adventure Playground."