Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service brings together a wide range of advice & support:

  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Counselling/psychological support
  • Exercise advice
  • Healthy eating
  • Work advice
  • Risk factor modification
  • Secondary prevention is a preventive medicine that focuses on early diagnosis, use of referral services, and rapid initiation of treatment to stop the progress of diseases

Combining the above activities helps you to return to a full and active life and reduces your risk of further cardiac (heart problems) events.

Patient Story

Kevin Gowen of Horncastle, Lincolnshire shares his patient story of his journey with the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust Cardiac Rehabilitation Team.  


Patient Information Leaflets (with contact details)

 North West Cardiac Rehabilitation Leaflet.pdf

North East Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Leaflet.pdf

South East Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Leaflet.pdf

Area Map.pdf

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