Cardiac team say thank you to generous donors

A special thank you event was hosted by the Bourne Cardiac Rehabiliation Team.

Invited patients and supporters of the service enjoyed mince pies, tea and a catch up with the team at the special event. 

The Bourne Cardiac Rehabilitation Team runs a programme which supports patients who have suffered a recent heart problem. Patients embark on an exercise programme with heart healthy educational talks incorporating the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, stress management, emergency life support, the causes of heart disease and heart support group information. 

Charlotte Martin, Cardiac Rehabiliation Nurse Specialist and Team Lead at LCHS, said: "We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated either their time, money or equipment to support the team and the service we provide.

"A special mention must go to the Bourne Lions who very kindly purchased us two treadmills and an exercise bike. We are also grateful to Susan Knight for completing a sponsored swim.

"And another massive thank you goes to Jo Cole who arranged a very successful sponsored event 'Jump start your heart' with the money raised being used to improve our educational resources. The 24hour sponsored bouncy castle jump saw a team of seven, including myself, take it in turns to jump on a bouncy castle over a 24hour period. Jo was inspired to organise the event after her mother suffered a heart attack and had benefited from local cardiac rehab services.

"The event was open to our patients and those who have been invited especially so we can say thank you for their generosity and kindness. We're very grateful for local businesses for their support too."

The thank you event was held on Wednesday, December 16 at 11.30am at the Centre at Elsea Park, Bourne.