Continence Service

Lincolnshire Specialist Continence Service provides care and support throughout the county to adults experiencing problems with bladder or bowel control.  

The service focuses on improving the patient's health by:

  • Identifying patients' health needs
  • Assessing their condition
  • Individual plan of care
  • Putting appropriate treatment into place
  • Advising and helping carers and health care staff
  • Choice of clinics in various locations

In order for an assessment to take place, you will be required to provide the following information which your nurse will fully explain and help you to complete / collect if necessary: 

  • A patient questionnaire
  • A three day bladder diary
  • A sample of urine
  • A list of current medication
  • Bowel chart if appropriate 

Referral details
01522 309033
Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust
Beech House
Witham Park
Waterside South


For further advice on adults with continence problems ring the local Continence Nurse Specialist from Monday to Friday, between 9 - 5 pm.

  Click here to view the continence service leaflet