Do I need a Research Passport?

What is a Research Passport?

The Research Passport brings together all the employment checks which are required prior to undertaking research in the NHS. It is the route for researchers external to LCHS NHS Trust to obtain a letter of access.

  Research Passport Application

All the checks are gathered together in a pack, the Research Passport, which can then be sent to all the NHS Trusts where you will be undertaking your research project for consideration. The Research Passport is validated for accuracy and completeness by the first NHS organisation to receive it.

NB: The Research Passport does not guarantee you access to an NHS organisation. It is the route by which you apply for access.

Who needs a Research Passport?

You need a Research Passport if you will be undertaking research in LCHS NHS Trust and you do not have a contract of employment with the NHS. 

Who does NOT need a Research Passport?

You do NOT need a passport if you have a current employment contract with the NHS, or if you have a current honorary contract with an NHS Trust. You will also NOT need one if you are a student who is supervised by an NHS employee (or academic supervisor with a NHS honorary contract).

However, you may still require a letter of access to conduct research in LCHS NHS Trust. This can be obtained by asking your HR department to send the Trust a completed NHS to NHS Confirmation of pre-engagements proforma. See above link for the latest proforma version. 

Types of Research Passport

A Research Passport can be issued for the duration of a single research project. Alternatively, you can apply for a three year Research Passport - designed for researchers taking part in multiple studies. These studies must be defined in the three year passport. Additions or amendments to the studies approved in a three year Research Passport must be agreed with your substantive employer (who will decide if any new checks are needed) and the amended Research Passport should be counter signed by each R&D Office.