Education - Countywide Community Respiratory Service

We provide a respiratory specialist service to the local health care community with the aim of promoting best practice in the management of COPD and asthma.


The aim of this service is to educate staff and to increase knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of patients with COPD and Asthma in Lincolnshire. The service will be provided by a Respiratory Nurse Educator. The education will be inclusive to all staff and will be tailored to suit individual requirements.

We can offer:

  • Mentoring and supporting clinicians
  • Training and education of clinicians
  • Facilitation and involvement in the organising of training by supplementary sources
  • Developing lasting processes of care for identification and optimisation of treatment for COPD/Asthma patients
  • Assistance with clinic initiation/development, including the clinical structure, recall systems and assistance to streamline and ensure efficiency of working
  • Validation of current registers to optimise practice data and assistance in identification of both screening and inappropriate/incorrect Read coding
  • Implementation of national guidelines i.e BTS, SIGN, NICE National Strategy

We currently provide:

  • In-House Training
  • Practice Nurses/Healthcare Support Workers
  • Mentoring
  • Case Reviews
  • Resources
  • Study days
  • COPD Foundation courses
  • Two hour basic spirometry sessions
  • Two hour advanced spirometry session
  • Two day spirometry courses
  • Study days for healthcare support workers
  • A one day spirometry course for healthcare support workers
  • A Respiratory Nurse Forum
  • A Practice Nurse and Health Care Support Worker group
  • Peer Group Support
  • Community Teams (Complex Case Managers, Case Managers, Intervention Teams, TAPS Out of Hours, Walk-in Centre, Prison Nurses)
  • Joint home visits
  • Telephone resource
  • Action learning sets for respiratory competencies
  • A four hour basic and interpretation session
  • A taught session at Lincoln University (TAP module)
  • Mentoring TAP


  • In-House Training for spirometry and interpretation
  • In-House training for inhaler technique
  • Primary Health Care Team meetings
  • Audit of patient records to ensure correct diagnosis & classification
  • Practice nurse group


  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation sessions
  • Help with pre-course assessment to ensure correct diagnosis and optimization of medication
  • The Countywide Respiratory Services Team have developed a competency package to help support and deliver respiratory education

Future planning

  • Ongoing development of spirometry course. Possibility of other PCTs commissioning this.
  • Distribution of COPD Companion (resource for all clinical staff)
  • Continually update service planning
  • To continue with a rolling programme of respiratory education 
  • To support Complex Case Managers and Case Managers to achieve respiratory competencies
  • To continue to build relationships with the universities