Electronic Assistive Technology Service

The Electronic Assistive Technology Service (EATS) is based in Lincoln and provides a community-based countywide service to the severely disabled community, providing equipment and systems to promote independence, participation and improving the quality of life.

What is Electronic Assistive Technology and who can benefit?

Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) is a generic term that describes a range of equipment including environmental controls systems, communication aid equipment and equipment used for overcoming problems with accessing computer technology.

EAT helps people who are limited by severe physical impairment to operate equipment around the home. Provision typically addresses the following areas:

  • Home security
  • Communications within the home and with the wider world
  • Comfort and control of environment
  • Control of home entertainment equipment

EAT allows the user to maintain their independence and participate more fully in society.  It also has the potential to reduce the quantity of care required, whilst maintaining important emergency call systems just in case there is a problem and help is needed. 

Carers can also benefit from EAT through greater freedom and reduction in care burden.  With the knowledge that the user is secure at home and able to call for help, carers are able to leave the home for periods of time, providing opportunity to carry out domestic activities, undertake social engagements or continue in employment.

Even the most severely disabled individuals may be able to live at home with increased independence.  For those living in nursing and residential homes, relatively simple systems can significantly enhance quality of life. 


For Lincolnshire residents requiring environmental control systems and other electronic assistive technology (excluding communication aids) referrals are made by completing our referral form (available from the EATS office) and returning it to the address provided.  We accept referrals from GP’s, Allied Health Professionals (NHS & Social Services) and hospitals.

For clients requiring referral for communication aids, please contact your local Speech & Language Therapy service. 

Service Operating Times  

 The EAT service is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

 EAT Service Telephone Number: 01522 697282

Waiting Times for the Service

Waiting times for assessment vary depending on urgency of the clients situation and the demand being made on the EAT service. Typically clients can expect to wait between 3 to 4 weeks for an assessment by the EATS Team. 

LCHS Telehealth Services

The EAT Service also provide technical support to the Telehealth Services being developed by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust.

The Telehealth Service is focused on developing the use of specialist technology in specific clinical situations in the home, to assist the patient and/or community health team managing the patient's condition.    

Augmentative and Alternative Communications Aids

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Aids