G_CS_10 Standard Operating Procedure for Referrals into the Community Tuberculosis Service

This document has been produced to support the staff of the Countywide Community Tuberculosis (TB) Service, Countywide Community Respiratory Service, Clinical Systems Clerical Team and Health Care Staff within Lincolnshire, in the prompt processing of referrals into the Community TB Service.

The aim of this guidance is to assist in: the timely and prompt referral of individuals to the Community TB Service, supporting the common sources of referrals, gaining relevant information required for referral, appropriateness of the referral (criteria) ascertaining the urgency of a referral ensuring individuals are promptly signposted to diagnostic testing and health care, where appropriate, the early identification of potential outbreaks.

This guidance specifically concentrates on referrals relating to; Suspected TB (any site), Confirmed TB (any site), Contacts of TB (any site), New registrations /New arrivals/ New entrants requiring referral and other e.g. BCG abscess, possible vaccination or possible outbreaks.

This process has been based on: RCP (2006) Control, management and prevention of TB in the United Kingdom, DOH (2007) Tuberculosis prevention and treatment: a toolkit for planning, commissioning and delivering high-quality services in England, NICE (2011) CG 117 Tuberculosis: Clinical diagnosis and management of tuberculosis, and measures for its prevention and control. Additional support has been sought from the East Midland TB teams.

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