G_CS_14 Joint Protocol for: Promoting The Health and Wellbeing of Looked After Children and Young People in Lincolnshire

"As the corporate parent of children in care the State has a special responsibility for their wellbeing. Like any good parent, it should put its own children first. That means being a powerful advocate for them to receive the best of everything and helping children to make a success of their lives" (Care Matters: Transforming the lives of children and young people in care, DfES 2006).

  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust
  • Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The Statutory Guidance on Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Looked After Children (DH/DCSF, 2009) AIMS to ensure that all looked after children and young people are physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy, that they will not take illegal drugs and that they will enjoy healthy lifestyles.

This protocol details the responsibilities of Lincolnshire Health and Social Care Services and Children's Social Care in respect of Health Assessments to all children and young people in the Looked After System.

Key legislative frameworks that inform and support this guidance are as follows:

  • Every Child Matters (DfES, 2003)
  • Children Act 1989 and 2004
  • Care Matters White Paper (DCSF, 2007)
  • The Statutory Guidance on Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Looked  After Children (DH/DCSF, 2009)


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