G_CS_19 Generic Competency Pack (A Guide To Practice)

As the organisation re-designs its services to meet ever changing demands and new developments, so the health care workforce that provide those services must also respond to that change.

New and sometimes different ways of working, often across teams of multi-professionals, must be developed to ensure that levels of competence, knowledge and skills are integral to the infrastructure of care delivery within the clinical environment. This Guide is an example of a competency framework to assist you to implement this range of clinical skills into practice. These skills will be transferable to your Knowledge Systems Framework (KSF), Appraisal, NVQ’s and National Occupational Standards. This will provide you with a portfolio of competence to accompany you through your career development. To view how this can be applied to practice see www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/  for a full range of competency mapping.

The structure of this document assessment process, permits you to undertake this activity within your immediate clinical environment whilst also delivering responsive patient care with timely and effective outcomes (DOH 2005). This is vital if we are to ensure best practice throughout the patient journey.

Despite the level of change within the Health Service, one thing that remains constant is that ‘patients want their contact with health care professionals to make them feel safe, cared for, respected and involved’ (DOH 2006)

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