G_CS_36 Countywide Community Respiratory Services - Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service

To provide sustainable Primary Care based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programmes for COPD patients within the county of Lincolnshire.  All patients with COPD, who are functionally disabled by their breathlessness. The service will cover the geographic area of Lincolnshire Community Health Services, within the Practices and boundaries of Lincolnshire (Clusters: Boston, South Holland, East Lindsey, Skegness & Coast, Mid Kesteven, Welland, Lincolnshire West, Sleaford & District).

Patients with COPD who have functional disability due to their condition, despite receiving optimised pharmacotherapy as per local agreed guidelines and who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of COPD i.e. confirmation by spirometric testing wherever possible.
  • All patients who consider themselves functionally disabled by breathlessness and/or fatigue (usually MRC grade 3 and above (NICE Feb 2004)).
  • Motivated to attend and participate.
  • Able to provide own transport to site of pulmonary rehabilitation or find suitable alternative transportation.

Proposed outcomes of the service will include:

  • Improving patient health related quality of life.
  • Increasing exercise capacity.
  • Increasing exercise tolerance.
  • Improved coping mechanisms.
  • Improved self-management of exacerbations.
  • Supporting admission avoidance.
  • Supporting complex case management.
  • Supporting palliative care.

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