G_CS_38 SOP for the receiving and Actioning of Laboratory Results into the Out of Hours Department

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Out of Hours Practitioners when receiving Laboratory results into the out of hour’s arena.

During the Out of Hours Period laboratory results are telephoned through to the OOHs departments from county wide Laboratories. These are out of range results which need further clinical decisions.

Up until the hours of 23:00hrs a GP is available within the department to undertake clinical decision making of Laboratory results. After the hours of 23:00hrs a Nurse Practitioner or Emergency Care Practitioner is on duty.

 To ensure the results are received, interpreted and actioned appropriately in the OOhs period it has been agreed that the Laboratory will be informed that all results must be received within the relevant OOHs department by 22.30hours to enable them to be reviewed by a GP and any follow up actions to be agreed. If in the rare occasion the results are received when there is no GP on site then the sleeping/On call GP will be contacted to provide advice

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