G_CS_40 Venepuncture - A Guide to Practice

Venepuncture - Guidelines for Practice - Practice Skill Education and Training Programme.

Venepuncture:  the puncture of a vein as part of a medical procedure, typically to withdraw a blood sample or for an intravenous injection. 

Venepuncture will be performed safely by registered nurses and skilled but unregistered health care support workers in accordance with Trust Policy, following the principles laid down in this guide to practice and the training programme which outlines the assessment process.

To enable the practitioner to:

  • Perform Venepuncture in a safe and timely manner
  • Select appropriate equipment and explain rationale for doing so
  • Ensure samples are labelled correctly and sent to the appropriate destination
  • Ensure the correct order of draw carried out and correct volumes of samples sent.
  • Explain the procedure for high risk sampling
  • Describe why common blood tests are carried out
  • Understand the role of the nurse in venepuncture in relation to professional practice, accountability and consent.
  • Understand Principles of infection control and waste management

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