G_CS_49 SOP for Provision of Continence Services to Children and Young People

NICE (2010) state that "Bedwetting is a widespread and distressing condition that can have a deep impact on a child or young person's behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social life". They define bedwetting as the symptom of involuntary wetting during sleep without any inherent suggestion of frequency of bedwetting of pathophysiology. Additionally they recognise that children and young people with long term conditions/disabilities or learning difficulties are known to experience continence problems.  

The new service specification for School Nurses incorporates care packages on nocturnal enuresis as an individual offer with more specialist continence issues falling under children with long term conditions/disabilities for 5-19 year olds. Children under 5 years old with terminal illness are also covered by this service.

The objective of this Service Operating Plan (SOP) is to give guidance for community nursing staff involved in the process of delivering a continence service to clients aged 5-19 years of age as identified in the Core Offer. It explains the process of assessment and management of children who experience continence issues.

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