G_CS_56 SOP for Point of Care Testing (POCT) using Piccolo Desktop Analyser

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is defined as any analytical test performed by a member of the healthcare team outside the conventional laboratory setting.

POCT is capable of producing results in a timely manner that allows clinical decisions to be made quickly, potentially allowing better clinical (and/or economical) outcome.

This SOP provides advice and guidance on the use of the Piccolo Desktop analyser.

The analyser is to be used when test results are required urgently.  To wait for routine transport to take bloods to the Path Links laboratory at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby would lead to a delay in patient care.


During the out of hours period when there is no routine transport scheduled.to take blood samples to the laboratory at Grimsby.

The analyser must be identified as appropriate for the tests required. (Is there a more appropriate POCT device which could be used? – see flow chart)

The analyser is not to be used as a substitute for routine Path Links venous sample testing.

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