G_CS_83 SOP for Supervision and Mentoring Employees, Administrating Bowel Management Plans

Bowel management is the regular delivery of a programme of planned interventions designed to pre-emptively achieve effective bowel evacuations at a specific frequency in individuals with central neurological conditions, reducing the impact on quality of life by avoiding faecal incontinence and constipation, minimising associated morbidity and facilitating carer input where required” ( Coggrave, 2012).


Bowel care, including digital rectal interventions can be given by a personal assistant, carer, nurse or other person chosen by or acceptable to the individual. A care-giver provided by a statutory agency or care agency should have received appropriate training, provided by a qualified healthcare practitioner competent in this area of care , and be deemed capable of to meet the individual’s bowel care needs and promote their autonomy. As an employee of a healthcare organisation or agency, the competency of the care giver should be established by the employer and evaluated at regular intervals (CQC 2012); vicarious liability for the employee’s actions then lies with the employer ( Coggrave 2012).

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