G_IPC_07 Infection Control Notification framework



MRSA Bacteraemia Serious Incident Reporting Pathway Clostridium difficile Serious Incident Reporting Pathway Miscellaneous Infection Control Serious incidents e.g. Outbreaks

  • All MRSA bacteraemias
  • All serious/fatal cases of Clostridium difficile
  • An outbreak of C. difficile (defined as two or more related cases) An outbreak of Viral Gastroenteritis
  • An outbreak of other micro organisms

For all reported SI a full investigation into the care delivery will be completed.

  • The investigation findings (root causes) and any actions and/or lessons learnt will be summarised in a written report.
  • The report will be an agreed format to ensure a standard approach
  • This format will be subject to review, which can be undertaken by any of the investigating organisations but must be agreed with commissioning PCTs and conforming to policies developed or adopted by NHS Midlands and East.

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