G_IPC_09 Major Outbreak Plan Community TB Services

Provides a framework for LCHS to ensure adequate arrangements are in place to respond promptly and appropriately to a major outbreak of Tuberculosis occurring in the community or in an institution. It is advised that this guidance be read in conjunction with:

Countywide guidance on the management of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) disease (TB Service).

 Major outbreaks require a coordinated response to ensure that effective control measures are put in place as quickly as possible. The key to an effective response is good communication between all the agencies involved.

 The aims of the plan are to enable LCHS to respond to or prevent occurrence escalating to a major incident by:

  • Providing a framework which will ensure that major outbreaks of communicable disease and infection are effectively investigated, controlled and where possible measures would be taken to prevent similar outbreaks in the future.
  • Ensuring that a timely coordinated approach is taken by identifying explicit roles and responsibilities of individuals and key organisations prior to an outbreak or incident occurring.
  • Ensuring effective communications with external agencies with a legitimate interest involved in controlling outbreaks are in place.

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