G_IPC_11 Countywide Management of Patients with Tuberculosis (TB)

The purpose of this guidance is to advise on the precautions and control measures that are required in the care and management of patients identified with Tuberculosis, thus minimising the risk of transmission to patients, visitors, staff and wider public.

It is advised that this guidance be read in conjunction with:

  • Hand Hygiene (Website and Infection Control Team)
  • Standard Infection Control Precautions(Website and Infection Control Team)
  • Isolation Policy (Website and Infection Control Team)
  • Decontamination of Medical Devices and Single Use Medical Devices Policies(Website and Infection Control Team)
  • Blood and Body Fluid Spills Management Policy(Website and Infection Control Team)
  • Inter-Healthcare Transfer Policy (Infection Control Team)
  • Safe Handling and Transport of Specimens Policy (Website and Infection Control Team).

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