G_IPC_23 Contact Tracing for TB

Countywide guidance on the management of contacts (Contact Tracing for Tuberculosis) 

Contact tracing is an integral part of the routine management of patients with Tuberculosis (TB/NICE 2011). On average each TB case will identify 2- 10 close contacts and TB will be diagnosed in about 1% of all contacts. This is usually found in unvaccinated close contacts of smear positive cases (NICE 117).

This guidance specifically concentrates on the management of TB contacts. The following recommendations have been based on: Department of Health 2007 Tuberculosis preventing and treatment: a toolkit for planning, commissioning and delivering high quality services in England, NICE CG 117 (2011) Clinical diagnosis and management of tuberculosis and its measures for prevention and control, NICE PH 37 (2012) Identifying and managing TB in hard to reach groups.

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