G_IPC_30 Infection Control Animals in Healthcare

The purpose of this document is to provide best practice guidance in relation to infection prevention and control pertaining to animals in community and primary care settings.

Disease and infection can be acquired from a variety of animals and this has been extensively documented. This guideline is necessary as, although acknowledged that animals can have a therapeutic effect on the wellbeing of clients, animals can also provide an unacceptable hazard to some groups of clients.

The aim of this guideline is to offer best practice advice to Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) service providers to ensure that when animals are permitted onto healthcare premises this is done with minimal risk to clients, visitors and staff. 

The following procedure for the management of animals in healthcare premises is the responsibility of all staff and must be followed at all times. Permission for an animal to enter the Trust premises must be obtained from the service manager/lead.

A written record of patient contact with the animal must be retained by the departmental staff as a matter of reference/contact tracing.

If the animal is admitted to the Trust premises to undertake a policing, security or search and rescue activity, then the Health and Safety Officer and the Trust Security Officer must be consulted.

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