G_IPC_39 Guidelines for Decontamintion of Vacated Bed Spaces

The purpose of this guideline is to provide best practice guidance in relation to infection prevention and control pertaining to decontamination of vacated bed spaces in community and primary care settings.

Key points

  • Before commencing cleaning, all lockers and bedside, tables must be completely empty.
  • All surfaces of the equipment, inside and out, topside and underside must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • Any disposable equipment used on the previous patient/client must be disposed of and renewed at the time of the bed space clean.
  • Any re-usable equipment must be decontaminated in accordance to the manufacturer's instruction and the local Decontamination of Equipment guidance
  • Privacy curtains surrounding the bed space must be checked and, if soiled, replaced/renewed.
  • The 25 point bed space checklist form must be completed and left on display for the next patient to be admitted to that space to see and comment upon if they wish.
  • All blood/body fluid spillages should be dealt with in accordance with the Spillage Policy
  • All waste must be disposed of in accordance of the Waste Policy

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