G_IPC_45 Management of Patients with Diarrhoea

In the UK, incidences of diarrhoea have a huge impact on the community, through absence from work or the effect on bed capacity in acute and community hospitals and nursing/residential/care homes.  The emergence of Clostridium difficile as a clinically and politically significant healthcare associated infection and the impact of Norovirus infections, affecting the functioning of healthcare organisations, require a high degree of suspicion when diarrhoea has developed.  Health care staff across the health economy must be aware of what is required to detect the cause, minimise the effect on the patient and prevent the risk of cross infection.


The purpose of this guidance is to advise on the best practice required around the management of patients with diarrhoea and the standard infection prevention and control precautions required to identify the cause and minimise the risk of healthcare associated infections to patients, visitors and staff in health care settings.

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