GP Practices

GP Practices


  Clinical Research Network: East Midlands (CRNEM)

 Clinical Research Network website


Our role is to support GP practices by facilitating studies that have been accepted onto the Clinical Research Network portfolio and are being run throughout Lincolnshire. The portfolio of current studies and studies in set up can be accessed at;

 UK Clinical Research Network Study Portfolio

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

 Care Quality Commission website

 Participation in research is now part of the requirements of the CQC. This includes:

  • Advertising research within the practice
  • Informing patients and staff of research available
  • Recruiting patients into studies to improve primary care
  • Completing RCGP Research Ready Accreditation (RRA) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to support staff personal development

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) & RCGP Research Ready Accreditation (RRA):

This will assist and support practices with portfolio studies/research in Primary Care and support your CQC research requirements. Please use these links to access the relevant sites:

 Research Ready Accreditation

 Good Clinical Practice

Research Scheme Initiative (RSI):

This was set up to incentivise GP practices to commit to undertaking 2-4 research studies a year.  In 2009 we had three practices incentivised and now in 2013 this has reached 55 with the added recruitment from Pharmacies and other community services across Lincolnshire.

If you require advice contact the Clinical Research Network Study Development Officers on 01522 502023.