Health Professionals and Researchers

health professionalsIs Your Project Research?


Before you apply for Trust R&I approval check that your project is research:

  Is Your Project Research?


  • RESEARCH - is designed and conducted to generate new knowledge and should follow the systems for approval of NHS Research
  • AUDIT - is designed to answer the question "Does this service reach a predetermined standard?"
  • SERVICE EVALUATION - is designed to answer the question "what standard does this service achieve?"

If your work is classed as audit please register with the LCHS clinical audit manager (see below link to page)

If you are conducting an evaluation please register with the R&I department (e-mail address is below). 

LCHS NHS Trust R&I approval process

Trust approval (NHS Permissions) for a research project is gained through the R&I department:

 R&I Application Process Guide

 Research Governance Checklist

The local principal investigator (local researcher) is responsible for gaining approval for a project. This includes approval by the relevant department within the Trust and any other departmental managers that the project may impact upon.   

Ethics Approval Process

Before NHS Permissions can be granted a study must have received ethics approval, where appropriate.

 Application Process Flowchart

National Institute for Health Research

 NIHR clinical trials tool kit