A Helping Hand for New Mums

Health Visiting teams at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) have been working alongside local charity Baby's Basket, supporting parents who are struggling through financial hardship or other difficulties, with essentials for their new baby. 

Ed Jones, Trustee of Baby's Basket said: "Baby's Basket received donations of gently used baby clothes, Moses baskets and bedding from parents who no longer need them. We encourage healthcare professionals and welfare agencies throughout Lincolnshire to request a basket on behalf of any parent who could benefit, then collect and deliver it in good time for baby's arrival. We can pack everything in a baby bath if a Moses basket is not needed, providing just a basket, bedding, clothes or whatever is required. We keep a small supply of clothese for tiny babies. 

"Baby's Basket has now helped over 50 babies and depends on continuing donations of Moses baskets, baby baths and all the newborn baby essentials we put in them. We would love to hear from parents who wish to donate items they no longer need. 

"We are pleased to be able to help many dedicated health and welfare professionals whose care has been so evident in their working with mums and babies in need; it is heartwarming to see the efforts they go to to relay our baskets to mums, even making special journeys from far ends of the county. 

"We are currently looking for volunteers to help in the collecting and delivering of baskets."

Helen Hawksworth, Health Visitor and Team Lead for LCHS said: "It was with great excitement that the Health Visiting team were advised of this charity which supports mothers in the earliest stage of parenthood.

"The process of arranging a basket from Baby's Basket is quick and done without any names changing hands, protecting anonymity of families involved."

Helen added: "It is a great way to support our local communities and make connections with key charitable organisations."

Ed continued: "We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us, we couldn't do this without you." 

For further information on Baby's Basket visit www.babysbasket.org.uk