The Importance of Sleep for Children - Guidance from Health Visitors

Now that the festivities are over and the Christmas excitement has passed, returning to a good bedtime routine helps ensure a good night's sleep for the whole family, say Lincolnshire health visitors.

Health visiting teams from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) support children from 1-19 years of age with any sleep difficulties and can offer courses as required for parents, for example sleep tight. 

Sylvia Wilkinson and Marianne Bell , Health Visitors, from LCHS said: "If you have a good routine children tend to be happier, more alert and able to learn and achieve their full potential. Remember sleep helps to support our immune system, releases hormones that aid growth and leaves us feeling better.

"A good bedtime routine usually lasts about an hour and it is advised that children do not have any electronic devices screen time during this period. Instead, children should spend time on activities such as reading, colouring, play dough or playing with blocks or threading."

The health visiting team at LCHS recommend a good bedtime routine such as the following:

  • tea time 5.30pm
  • activity time 6pm
  • bath 6.30pm
  • story book and drink 6.45pm
  • bed 7pm

Timings will depend upon your individual child's age and development and can be adjusted as required.

If you require additional information or if you have concerns please contact the health visiting team on.