Members of the Public

members of the publicResearch studies and clinical trials rely on volunteers. Some involve healthy members of the public, while others involve patients taking part in a trial during their care and treatment.

Your GP, community health professional or hospital may invite you to take part in a study or trial. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to get involved. If you decide not to participate, it will not affect your treatment in any way.

Trusts that offer their patients the chance to get involved in research studies and clinical trials are generally those that provide the latest and best available treatment.


The Research Summaries register is designed to support the improvement of patients' access to research: 

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Click on our latest App to discover a world or Research on your doorstep,

INVOLVE - is a national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research:

 Involve website

 Patient information pack

Local Public Patient Involvement - LCHS is working with some members of the public to form a local PPI group. More information will be published when available.

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