Help Shape Community Health Services and Become a Member

Members will be involved in the development of the organisation and the healthcare provided.

Who are our Members?

Members are people who have a vested interest in the successful operation of our organisation.  These can be:

  • Patients
  • Staff
  • Public
  • Carers

Anyone living in Lincolnshire or receiving care from a service provided by Lincolnshire Community Health Services can become a member (minimum age 12).

Our Members and Supporters

If you would like to get involved and become a member, please contact

Why Become a Member?

You should become a member if you share any of the following thoughts and feelings:

  • I am passionate about healthcare
  • I want to help the NHS provide the best possible care
  • I want to show my support for the work of community health services
  • I want to make a difference
  • I have ideas of how services could improve
  • I want to help make patient experience better

What do Members do?

Members are vitally important to the Trust as they provide a voice for the people of Lincolnshire and help shape the healthcare services provided. Members can get involved in a number of ways such as: 

  • Receive our membership newsletter
  • Have a "vote" in governor elections
  • Take part in research
  • Take part in surveys and questionnaires
  • Provide feedback on the Trusts performance and service delivery
  • Have a say in service design or change
  • Stand to become an elected governor
  • Attend meeting such as the Annual General Members' Meeting

By becoming a member you have the opportunity to have a real say in the way that Lincolnshire Community Health Services continues to develop and provide excellent quality of care to patients across the county.

We need your help!

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) is working towards becoming a Foundation Trust.  Foundation Trusts are governed by their local communities and patients via members and a Council of Governors.  We have already established a large, active and vibrant membership that we know is enthusiastic about helping us.

As a member you could fulfil the valuable role of "critical friend" by telling us what you think of the information for patients that we plan to publish.  With your help we can make sure it is written in a way that is easily understandable for anyone using our services by avoiding jargon or "NHS language"

Members are vitally important to the Trust as they provide a voice for the people of Lincolnshire and help shape the healthcare services we provide.  Membership is free and there are a number of ways you can become involved, click here (click here is link to membership sign up form) for more information.  Alternatively please contact 01522 308857 and ask for the membership office.

Council of Governors

People who are members of the Trust and aged at least 18 can put themselves forward to become governors.  Those wanting to become governors then need to go through an election process and secure votes from members.

The Council of Governors meet to scrutinise the performance of the organisation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.  They hold the Board of Directors to account for the performance of the Trust.  They are "the public voice" there to represent the interests of all those served by the Trust.

Governors are also ambassadors for the Trust and act as champions for community healthcare.  Governors play an important role in promoting the work of the organisation and recruiting new members.

 We propose to have 37 Governors which will consist of:

  • 14 public governors from across the county
  • 10 patient/carer governors representing a variety of service areas
  • 5 staff governors representing different staff groups
  • 8 appointed governors representing a variety of stakeholder organisations

This is a voluntary role however expenses for travelling to meetings may be claimed.

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Become a Member of LCHS Today:

Complete the online membership form

 Request a membership form: Telephone 01522 308857