Membership Update May 2017

Lincolnshire's NHS trusts celebrated International Nurses day.

Here are some of the lovely comments from people around the county. #loveLincsNHS

"Shout out to Natalie Herring, she has worked as a nurse since leaving uni and now works as a macmillan nurse. She is such a caring individual, who will always ensure you get the best care. She always makes time for her patients and her colleagues. No matter how bad your day is, having Natalie Herring around will always make it better".

"Shout out to Viki Ripley. Shoutout to a fantastic nurse who never EVER stops putting her patients first. She works so hard for all the staff around her, but what is so fantastic is how much of herself she invests in the patients she cares for. Often her patients and difficult and complex but they all leave feeling like they have been listened to and that they matter. Viki is an inspiration and we are lucky to have her in this trust!"

"Shout out on to Linda Fern and Abi Williamson, team leads at Grantham community base. They both always go more than an extra mile to support all of the staff in our team. They both act as brilliant advocates and always help us all to see the positive aspects of our work and recognise the hard work our teams put in. It makes an often challenging job much more rewarding."

Some of our wonderful staff were also celebrating International Nurses day in Skegness.


Hospital staff thank community for 'incredible' support

Hospital staff are thanking the local community who have helped them to raise £30,000 in 12 months in a campaign to refurbish their ward's palliative care suite. 

The public's ongoing support means staff on Scotter Ward at John Coupland Hospital, Gainsborough, are now officially half way to reaching their £60,000 goal. 

Donna Phillips, ward sister, said: "We can not thank the local community enough for the love and support they have given us over the last 12 months. When we set ourselves this target, we had no idea how much it would mean to the wider community or that we would reach this milestone in the first year. The generosity and kindness they have shown us has been incredible and overwhelming and it has given us lots of determination to keep going."


Online community comes to the aid of patient book appeal

Patients recovering in hospital are now able to access a small collection of Polish books, thanks to kind donations from members of an online support group. 

Staff from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) made an appeal for books written in Polish after a special request for help from a homeless patient, who did not have anything to occupy his time with while he recovered in hospital. 

LCHS community link worker, Anna Kusztyb, turned to a Facebook group she had set up for members of the Polish community to make the appeal. The group, Grupa Wsparcia 'Rzepka' (Support Group 'Turnip'), quickly helped to find about 10 books for the patient to borrow. 


Carers First events 

To celebrate carers, recognise and raise awareness of the contribution carers make in our communities, Carers FIRST invites you to their “Caring for Carers” events.

LCHS Membership will be at the following carers events, please come and say helllo!

Monday 12th June: 9:30am—3:30pm at Commerce House, 2 Carlton Boulevard, Lincoln, LN2 4WJ. 

Friday 16th June: 9:30am—3:30pm at Trinity Centre, Eastgate, Louth, LN11 8DB

For more information, contact Carers Hub: 0300 303 1555


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