New 0-19 Service Being Launched Across Lincolnshire

Children and their families in Lincolnshire will be supported by a new integrated 0-19 service from May.

This new model from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) will see health visiting and school nursing staff working together in nine teams across the county to provide a seamless service. It is based on a nationally led model already being delivered elsewhere in the country which ensures patient safety and strengthens the focus on health promotion and the National Healthy Child Programme. 

Steph Heathcote Senior Clinical Programme Manager at LCHS said: "We have spent a lot of time consulting with families. We had 1200 completed surveys carried out in clinics, supermarkets, high streets, and through liaising with GPs, children's centres and schools. As a direct response from feedback from families this new model will offer increased continuity of care for families and where possible they will see the same person throughout, meaning they will only tell their story once.

"Integrating school nurses and health visitors into nine teams makes care for the child more streamlined and joined up, with families receiving more consistent care from the same person. We are strengthening our links with GPs and schools."

The development of the nine teams has been happening in the background for the past year with local families and staff contributing to the design and introduction of new ways of working. Services within each team will be tailored according to the specific needs of an area and delivered from a variety of venues within the community.

Steph added: "We are making sure that the right people are in the right place by putting staff where there is the most need. This will mean a better service for families in Lincolnshire."

For more information about the health visiting and school nursing service please visit our dedicated website: