P_CIG_06 Best Practice

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust is committed to ensuring that there is a systematic process for implementing, monitoring and evaluating National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance, National Service Frameworks (NSFs), enquiry recommendations and local and national guidance. To ensure that lessons are learned across the whole Organisation to ensure high quality of care and patient safety.

This policy has been developed to ensure that the Organisation has in place a systematic approach for reviewing the findings and recommendations from NICE, NSFs, National Confidential Enquiries and other high level enquiries. Important lessons can be learned and patient safety can be improved from sharing events external to the Organisation. This policy sets out how this information is distributed to appropriate personnel to ensure the implementation of recommendations is monitored and that suitable records are maintained.

This policy covers the process from initial identification through to the dissemination, review and implementation of actions required to bring services in line with best practice recommendations.

This policy applies to all staff involved in clinical delivery and clinical redesign.

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