P_CIG_11 School Nursing Service Local SOP for the Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines

The purpose of this guidance is to implement a co-ordinated and standardised approach to operational and clinical management of all practices in Lincolnshire School Nursing Services involving medicines and their use.

This SOP aims to offer practical advice and outline steps that must be taken to provide safe prescribing, administration, handling, storage, custody and issue of medicinal products in the School Nursing Service.

Careful medicines management reduces potential risk or errors which could impact negatively on patients or practitioners

This SOP aims to ensure that medicines are handled safely and securely within all care environments and services provided by School Nurses and by directly employed staff.

This SOP considers the processes associated with the safe use of medicines and includes;

  • The physical handling of medicines
  • Storage and supply of medicines
  • Use of prescribing
  • Ordering


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