P_CoG_04 Development & Management of Policies & Procedural Documents

This guidance applies to all policies and other procedural documents that are developed by Lincolnshire Community Health Services for implementation.

Policies and procedural documents should address:

  • What must be done to reduce, manage or eliminate risk
  • The organisation's approach to strategic, operational or clinical management issues
  • Guidelines, protocols and procedures that set out a process to enable staff to comply with a procedural document.

The purpose of this guidance is to implement a co-ordinated and uniform approach to procedural document development and management; and to provide clarity and consistency to the process of document production, approval, implementation and review.

LCHS will develop procedural documents to fulfil all statutory and organisational requirements. These will be comprehensive, formally approved and ratified, disseminated through approved channels, and implemented. Procedural documents are designed to cover key issues relating to the spectrum of the organisation's business.

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