P_CoG_07 Management of External Agency Visits, Inspections and Accreditations Policy

 This policy has been developed to ensure a process that provides good co-ordination and evaluation of the work of external agency visits, inspections and accreditations to bring increased benefits to both the organisation and the review bodies. The policy will help to minimise the burden on the organisation by reducing overlap and allow for potential gaps in assurance to be identified and addressed. This policy forms part of LCHS's internal control system and provides assurance to the LCHS Trust Board, who will, wherever possible, make use of the work of the many external reviewers and ensure the whole process is efficient and meaningful to the organisation.

This policy sets out the processes to ensure that all recommendations arising from external agency visits, inspections and accreditations are implemented within specified timescales. LCHS will ensure that there is a centrally held, internally audited, record of all external agency visits, inspections and accreditations together with their reports, which is kept up-to-date and monitored within specified timescales.

The policy applies to all managers and health professionals who are identified leads and contacts for the professional and regulatory bodies for both internal and external scrutiny.

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