P_CS_11 Blood Transfusion

The administration of blood is associated with medical and legal risks. It is everyone's duty to take care and exercise professional skills so the recipients are not harmed as a result of the administration of blood and blood products.

The Health Circular HCS 2002/009 Better Blood Transfusion sets out a programme of action for the NHS to:

  • Ensure that better blood transfusion is an integral part of the NHS.
  • Make blood transfusions safer.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of blood in clinical practice.
  • Provide better information to patient and the public about blood.

The purpose of this policy is to establish safe and consistent practice in the administration of blood, reduce risk, minimise errors and maintain patient safety.

The objective of this policy is to inform all healthcare staff involved in the administration of blood transfusions of the principles of safe and secure handling and administration of blood.

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