P_CS_22 Multi-professional Preceptorship Policy

The Department of Health (DoH) identifies that “Preceptorship is a period of structured transition for the newly qualified practitioner during which (s)he will be supported by a preceptor, to develop their confidence as an autonomous professional, refine skills, values and behaviours and to continue on their journey of life-long learning” (DoH 2010). The process supports the newly qualified practitioner (preceptee) to develop and apply the key skills necessary at foundation level of the knowledge and skills framework under the guidance and supervision of an experienced practitioner (preceptor). The Care Quality Commission (CQC) (2010) has made recommendations in relation to preceptees being supported and appropriately managed. They suggest that all staff receive a comprehensive induction taking account of recognised standards within the sector and which are relevant to their workplace and their job role. Furthermore, CQC recommend that this is undertaken when they start their job and is completed before they are allowed to work unsupervised. Preceptorship usually extends over a period of six months to one year although the precise period of time will vary according to individual need, local circumstances and the professional discipline and area of practice.


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