P_CS_25 Non-Medical Prescribing

The aim of this policy is to support wider and faster access to medicines for patients and appropriate more flexible use of the workforce. This policy has been developed to use as a framework to ensure that prescribing by all non-medical prescribers is introduced appropriately. It sets out the administrative and procedural steps necessary to ensure patient safety and support effective prescribing. This document has been developed by the non medical prescribing (NMP) steering group in consultation with national guidance and clinicians within the Trust and associated organisations. This non-medical prescribing policy should be read in conjunction with the documents detailed below: - Improving Patients' Access to Medicines: A guide to Implementing Nurse and Pharmacist Independent Prescribing within the NHS in England (DoH 2006). - Medicines Matters. A guide to mechanisms for the prescribing, supply and administration of medicines. (DoH 2006). - Supplementary Prescribing by Nurses and Pharmacists with the NHS in England. A guide for implementation (DoH 2003). - Standards of Proficiency for Nurses and Midwife Prescribers (NMC 2006). - LCHS Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines Policy (2012) - NHSL Policy relating to the prescribing, supply, storage and disposal of controlled drugs in primary care (7th Edition) (2012) - NHSL Policy for Secure Handling of prescription stationary (2012). - A single competence framework for all prescribers. (National Prescribing Centre 2012) - Lincolnshire Community - Mckinley T34 Syringe Driver Policy for Adults in Palliative Care (2011).

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