P_CS_35 Bariatric Patients Policy

The level of obesity is increasing in the general population and as a consequence a greater number of obese patients with health conditions are accessing local health services.  The term bariatric is used to describe morbidly obese patients (BMI > 40) and these patients may range in weight from 18-70 stone in weight.

LCHS has a legal requirement to ensure that safe systems of work and the necessary equipment and facilities are in place to support bariatric patients at all stages of the care pathway and to reduce health and safety risks to staff. Patient privacy, dignity and optimal level of independence are equally important.

LCHS recognises the challenges that can occur in relation to the treatment and care of bariatric patients and the increased level of risk that can occur from moving and handling and tissue viability.

The purpose of the policy is:

  • To ensure that patients are moved in a safe and comfortable manner whilst maintaining

their privacy and dignity and to maintain an optimum level of independence.

  • To reduce the risks to staff and patients associated with manual handling.
  • To support the provision of seamless care and to prevent delays in the transfer of care.
  • To ensure staff know how to access specialist advice and equipment when needed.

The policy is an integral part of the Trust's overall risk management approach and applies to all staff and managers who may be involved in the care and delivery of services to bariatric patients including:

  • In-patient Wards with the LCHS Community Hospitals
  • Urgent Care Centres, Outpatient Clinics and Departments
  • Community Services i.e. District Nursing Services, Independent Living Teams


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