P_CS_39 Pre-loading of Insulin Syringes

People with Type 1 Diabetes and some with Type 2 Diabetes will require insulin therapy to manage their condition.

The need to promote patient independence and choice as well as using safe, effective and appropriate use of resources is recognised by Lincolnshire Community Health Services.

There are a significant number of people with diabetes who cannot convert to using an insulin pen, which is often due to poor manual dexterity, lack of strength, personal preference and even reluctance to change (RCN 2006). As a result patients require input from community nursing teams to prepare insulin injections for patients to administer in their own homes at a later time. The preloading of insulin enables patients to preserve their independence and facilitate patient choice.

The RCN Diabetes Forum believes that the practice of pre-drawing insulin should only be undertaken following thorough patient assessment and it is thought that only a small number of patients would require having insulin pre loaded.

Whilst the guidelines within this policy will provide the information for safe, sound practice, the nurse must holistically assess individual patient needs, based on their circumstances.

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