P_CS_40 Prolonged Jaundice in Neonates Policy

Jaundice refers to yellow colouration of the skin and sclera (whites of the eyes). Jaundice is caused by a raised level of bilirubin in the circulation resulting in hyperbilirubinaemia. If not treated the effects of the buildup of bilirubin can be detrimental to a baby.

 Jaundice is one of the most common conditions needing medical attention in newborn babies. 60% of term and 80 % of preterm babies develop jaundice during the first week of life. A few proceed to develop high levels that can cause harm. (1) (NICE 2010)

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure practitioners caring for neonates who present with prolonged jaundice, are provided with clear information and guidelines. Guidance will be provided on recognition, assessment and treatment.

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