P_HR_02 Production and Review of Job Descriptions

The purpose of this policy is to implement a co-ordinated and uniform approach to the production and review of Job Descriptions within Lincolnshire Community Health Services. It will provide guidance and act as a single point of reference for the organisation, clarifying procedures and setting standards.

This policy is also intended to provide an overview of the Job Evaluation processes and procedures included within the remit of HR.

This policy will provide a focus for all of the issues that affect the production and review of Job Descriptions across the organisation, which will also include the Job Evaluation process.

One of the aims of Agenda for Change is to allow NHS organisations to operate more flexibly by developing roles in partnership. Detailed procedures need to be agreed locally, so this policy deals with the principles of how changed and new jobs, once agreed, should be dealt with in terms of the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme.

Inherent within all of its practices this organisation is committed to the principles of diversity, equality of treatment and equality of opportunity and believes that direct or indirect discrimination against any person is unacceptable.

This policy aims to ensure that no employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, civil partnership/marital status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, creed, religion/belief, disability, age or trade union membership, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which are not justified by the job.

This policy has been produced to assist managers with the process of producing Job Descriptions for new posts and to assist with reviewing existing Job Descriptions at appraisal, as outlined in the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (NHS KSF) and the Development Review Process. This policy will work in conjunction with the following policies:

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Recruitment Toolkit for Managers

KSF Gateway Policy

Appraisal Policy

Performance and Capability Policy

Workforce Reduction, Redundancy and Redeployment Policy

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