P_HR_06 Disciplinary Policy and Investigation Process

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) aims to provide the highest standards of patient care. Every member of staff has a personal responsibility to achieve and sustain high standards of performance and conduct at all times.

This policy recognises that there may be isolated instances of minor matters of misconduct, for example, poor timekeeping, that can be appropriately managed informally and documented using a "file note", however at times concerns about the conduct and/or practice of an employee(s) needs to be addressed through the use of formal procedures

This policy allows formal action to be taken up to and including dismissal of LCHST employee(s). This policy is aligned to and enables compliance with Maintaining High Professional Standards in the Modern NHS (MHPS, 2005)

Disciplinary action will not take place without the completion of a formal investigation. The intention is that investigatory processes and disciplinary matters are dealt with proactively, with a view to resolving problems as quickly as possible. To this end, where appropriate, investigations will be completed within the service area by relevant managers.




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