P_HR_24 Special Leave Policy

The special leave scheme makes provision for time off for personal reasons, outside of normal leave arrangements and time off for public/civic duties. It excludes maternity, adoption and paternity which are covered in the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust Family Leave Policy.

This special leave policy forms part of LCHSs commitment to equal opportunities in employment and to improving the working lives of staff. The policy applies to all Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust employees subject to any conditions specified below.

The purpose of the policy is to allow special leave to be granted for domestic, personal and family matters in order to help staff balance the demands of domestic and work responsibilities at times of urgent and unforeseen need. It is also intended to support staff to undertake civic and public duties.

Types of special leave include:

Bereavement Leave

Compassionate Leave

Carer's Leave

Parental Leave

Doctor, Dentist and Hospital Appointments

Extended Leave

Fertility Treatment

Disability Leave

Gender Reassignment

Time off for public duties

Jury Service

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