P_HR_25 Substance Misuse Policy

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) recognises that substance misuse related problems are an area of health and social concern.  It also recognises that a member of staff with such problems needs help and support from their employer. The consumption of alcohol or illicit substances can pose a risk to the individual, work colleagues, visitors, clients and patients and is unacceptable in the context of consuming alcohol or misusing substances either before or during work.

The organisation will undertake to refer any employee who presents with substance misuse problems for specialist assistance and support through the Occupational Health Service.  Such services are also provided by GPs, hospitals and other agencies.  Through this policy the main aim of the organisation will be to both assist a member of staff in obtaining specialist help, and to protect their employment.

For the purpose of this policy substance misuse refers to the misuse of illicit substances, prescription drugs, over the counter medications, solvents and alcohol which may lead a person to experience physical, psychological or social problems.

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