P_HR_31 Smoke-free Policy

Following guidelines from the government and legislation to prevent smoking in public places a policy was required to advise staff on what is and is not acceptable on the grounds of health and safety. The policy states that no employees, patients or visitors may smoke on the organisation's premises or grounds. The policy also gives guidance on visiting the homes of patients that smoke.

Tobacco smoke is a well-documented major health threat. The presence of tobacco smoke in the working environment therefore has significant consequences for employees.  Smoking is the most prominent cause of preventable deaths in Britain.  It causes many debilitating illnesses including cancer, heart disease, bronchitis and emphysema.  In addition to the impact of smoking on smokers, the harmful effect of second hand smoke is now established beyond reasonable dispute.  Second hand smoke can exacerbate asthma, and can cause heart disease, strokes and lung cancer in exposed adults.  The harmful composition of tobacco smoke makes second hand smoke extremely hazardous.  Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals in gaseous and particle form many of which are poisonous and can cause cancer - these include tar, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and hydrogen cyanide.

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