P_HR_39 Additional Employment Policy

 This policy has been developed in order to clarify the organisation's position towards employees undertaking additional employment and to confirm the arrangements to be adopted in order to safeguard the safe delivery of patient service, to protect the well-being of staff and to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations.

The organisation recognises that in some instances employees may wish to carry out additional employment during their career with the organisation and as such does not wish to unreasonably restrict any individuals from undertaking additional employment. Equally, it is accepted that with the variety of working patterns available across the organisation, it is possible that our organisation may not always be an individual's primary employer. However, any employment, whether voluntary or paid, outside of the organisation, should not conflict with an employee's duties to the organisation and should not have a detrimental impact on individual performance or that of the work team.

This policy is applicable to all full-time and part-time employees working for this organisation which is over and above an employee's contracted hours of work irrespective of shift arrangements. This includes full-time and part-time staff, external employment with an alternative employer, voluntary employment, paid or unpaid, employment on a self-employed basis or internal employment such as a bank contract.

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